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On Scott Pilgrim

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(An excerpt from a longer piece I’m writing…)

Scott Pilgrim (both the comic and movie) mixes tropes of teen drama with the storytelling conventions of videogames to alarming effect, giving us a startling new perspective on the very old tropes of love, jealousy, dealing with your past, etc. However this is also an example of how one has to find something recognizable in the conventions in order for reinventing those conventions to have any meaning. Scott Pilgrim is necessarily generationally polarizing; older people who did not grow up with videogames do not understand it because the conventions of videogames have no meaning for them, and so mucking around with them has no resonance. For those of us who did grow up with videogames, however, Scott Pilgrim is pure, delirious joy, Barthes’ orgasmic jouissance.


Written by ericrosenfield

August 12, 2010 at 4:13 pm

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