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Decided to start a writing blog

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I wanted to write a bit about writing itself and my efforts to get published, in a general and rambling sort of way that doesn’t fit in with Wet Asphalt, the blog I share with JF Quackenbush. I spent a lot of time considering whether I should resurrect the blog on or go back to writing in my livejournal, but then I said, screw it, I’ll make a new blog just for this, then I can keep it separate from everything else and people who are specifically interested in it can follow it and those that aren’t can ignore it.

What I’m going to talk about:
How I write.
Which short fiction publications I’ve sent work to, am considering sending work to, what they’re like and what my response from them has been like.
My efforts to publish my first novel.
My efforts to write my second novel.
Thoughts on writing, etc.

As with my other projects, the best way to follow this one is probably by using the rss feed with a feed reader such as Google Reader, since I’ll be updating the site irregularly.


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April 8, 2009 at 9:06 pm

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